How Generation Y is Challenging Human Resources to Rethink Talent and Retention Strategies

Catalyst for Change: How Generation Y is Challenging Human Resources to Rethink Talent and Retention Strategies

This year 3.4 million graduates from Generation Y will enter the workforce.  How employers will attract and retain this cohort is becoming one of the most pressing issues in management today.  The millennial generation or Generation Y – born between 1980 and 2000 – are well-known for their radical views of ‘work-life’ balance and diverse workplace values. As this generation rapidly overshadows the traditional and baby boomer generations in the workplace, employers are trying to understand Gen Y priorities to stay competitive in the market and attract top talent.

Generation Y

Technologically savvy, more educated, and  greater ethnic diversity than any previous generation, Gen Yers are less interested in stock option plans and more interested in meaningful jobs, professional freedom, higher rewards and a better work-life balance.  With these objectives in mind Human Resource leaders will need to focus on corporate training opportunities, culture development and team collaboration.  

Common among Gen Yers is their desire to work with an employer that aligns with their values and cares about them as people.  Managers today can embrace this by reinforcing the company’s vision through job development, career nurturing and consistent real-time feedback on their performance.  

Developing a workplace culture where employees feel nurtured, listened to and appreciated influences more than just one generation of employees.  As described in Herzberg’s Motivation Theory, work groups are affected by the attitudes and mindsets of other members in the group.  A positive change, for example, can increase the morale, motivation, and attitude in the entire group and expand throughout an organization.

With an understanding of their values and support from professional industry leaders with the tools and solutions to help, Human Resource leaders are in a better position to create strong talent strategies and working environment for all of their employees to grow.

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