How Employers Can Harness the Power of Social Media

In our digital age, all employers recognize the importance of maintaining a slick, up-to-date corporate site. After all, it’s often the first point of contact between a company and key constituents including clients, partners and job seekers.

However, smart companies are looking beyond the confines of their own sites, and are recognizing that engagement via social media channels offers a dynamic way to connect with key audiences, including potential talent.

By taking part in online discussions, or by creating your own communities centered on topics that are relevant to your business, you can engage with job seekers in a profound way that ultimately helps you build your talent pipeline. Through social media, you can not only highlight career opportunities but also answer questions from interested parties, provide insights into your company culture, and build your brand by providing a clear and consistent point of view.

By fostering an online dialogue, you can also screen candidates and hone in on the best fits.

Job seekers are more than eager to engage with companies within the social realm. If you’re skeptical, consider this: according to Nielsen’s Q3 2011 Social Media Report, 53 percent of social media users currently follow a brand.

HR Tools: 3 Ways Employers Can Maximize Social Media

As social media is a living creature that evolves every day, I wanted to offer some general thoughts on how to get the most out of using social channels:

  • If you, or your organization, are relatively new to social media, make sure you listen to what people are already saying about your brand online, and be sure to show that you’re listening as you engage. You’ll lose credibility if it appears that you’re using social channels as one-way marketing tools, so your goal should be on creating a shared experience.
  • In weighing the channels you would like to use, research to see where people are already talking about your brand or your industry. And don’t discount Facebook as being too personal; using a tool like BeKnown can help you engage with seekers on this massive networking site in an appropriate, effective way. As opposed to having a profile directly on Facebook (which is often a brand marketing activity), BeKnown lets you create a recruitment-specific community.
  • Before you jump in, remember that while participating in online communities doesn’t have to be herculean in nature, it does require a long-term commitment in terms of regular participation and providing relevant content on a consistent, ongoing basis.

I know there are still a lot of questions around who should ‘own’ social media within a company – is it HR, marketing, or a dedicated digital team?

Regardless of who currently oversees digital activities in your company, hiring managers should be involved and collaborate in the process – future talent is one audience you can’t afford to miss.

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