How Does the Relevancy of your work, affect Productivity?

Your work and life are consistently driven by goals. What you find relevant about those goals you do more of. As a manager determining and being purposeful about delegating task that subordinates find relevant that are in-line with their values will achieve great work. The Relevance Enneagram is a tool that will uncover and focus the organization’s, team’s, staff’s and your values to increase productivity and people who love the work they do.


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Relevance: Something (A) is relevant to a task (T) if it increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal (G), which is implied by T.

(Hjørland & Sejer Christensen,2002) Wikipedia


  • Who is accountable for determining how the relevancy of the work (task to be completed) is aligned with the person tasked to complete the work?

In work it is the manager;

who has control of the system.

People are spontaneously energetic with respect to things that interest them, that are relevant to them completing great work that is of value.

Accomplishing the goal whatever it is, is the purpose of work and life. We are goal-driven beings.

For managers to increase the likelihood of accomplishing goals that are delegated. Determining What is Relevant to the person that must complete the task in necessary.

What you find relevant , you value; What you value, you are committed to doing; What you are committed to doing, you are effective at doing; What you are effective at doing, produces desirable results; What produces desirable results, you find relevant; and repeat.


Now Your Turn;

What about your work is relevant to you? In what ways could you lead your boss to better delegate tasks that you find relevant? Thinking about this from an Organizational Level – what is relevant to the company?

Team Building, Leadership, Management, Innovation expert michael cardus

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