How Do You DO Your Brand?

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Denise Yohn

What a Brand Is. “For the first part of my career, I held a common, traditional view of what a brand is: A name, a log, an image that you project and that you express in your communications and promote in your marketing.

“At Sony Electronics, as a brand manager, I started to learn that a brand is not just what you say, but is really about what you do. And it has as much to do with your internal culture and your internal operations and how that gets expressed in a customer experience as it does with how you promote all that.

“That disruption in my view has really shaped the second half of my career. I’ve since developed tools and approaches that help companies DO their brand, actually operationalize it. Actually make their brand something that they use on a daily basis and shape everything that they do.

“That’s a fundamental change in the way one views brand-building and you go about it.”

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Denise’s aha is one that we all must have. Wherever you work, what you do is either building or destroying the company’s brand. And equally important: Whatever you do is either building or destroying your own brand.

Yes, you need to think about yourself as being a brand promise that people trust and leverage when you deliver on that promise. Or walk away from when you don’t.

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