How Do You Create Loyalty?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of organizations and even more HR weenies who think you create loyalty by celebrating somebody still being able to breathe and make fog on a mirror every 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

Enlightened organizations and their Human Resource professionals know that to earn loyalty with employees and customers means you must create an exceptional experience with each and every interaction.

You can’t just celebrate a milestone for an employee, and you certainly can’t have a customer appreciation day and think you are going to have loyal employees and loyal customers.

Today more than ever people crave personalized, individualized attention and service.

Do you treat your employees like celebrities?

If not, why not?

How in the world do you expect your employees to create exceptional experiences and loyalty for your customers if you don’t treat them like celebrities every day, every interaction, all the time, every time?

It is a joke if you think giving someone a shiny object every half a decade is going to create loyalty.

The old work contract is over!  

Employees aren’t going to trade job security for loyalty.

Your employees want skills and those skills better make them more marketable. Not sometime in the future. They want skills that will make them more marketable now.  They want skills that will help them excel with your customers. They want skills that will make them promotable at your company, or yes, someplace else.

If you want to earn loyalty, you have to pay the rent. That rent is due every interaction. Not every half decade, pal.

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