How Do You Choose Web Hosting?

When you make a website, an important consideration is choosing a website host. Without a host, your website will not be accessible. Here are a few popular options to consider:

Free Hosting: With this option, you have to agree to allow ads to appear on your site. The service is also very basic. Many online services allow you to create free websites, and those sites are hosted for free too. Of course, they’re not really free. You usually have to agree to allow ads to appear on your site, and the service is usually very basic. You’ll quickly find that your options are limited under such circumstances. If you need to make a website for your business, you’ll probably want better hosting.

Shared Hosting: This is a cost-effective way to host a website. All of the resources you need are available to you and other websites as well. All of the sites on a single server pull from these resources at the same time. However, if one site has a spike in demand, other sites’ functionality may suffer.

Virtual Dedicated Hosting: This option is also known as a virtual dedicated server. Several websites use a single server, but resources are allocated and distributed to each one individually. That way, there’s no risk of one site hogging all of the resources.

Dedicated Hosting: If your site requires extensive resources, you can have a single server at your disposal. Under this arrangement, you own and have full control of the web server, but the physical server will still be owned by the hosting company. This is a costly option. One way to defray the cost is by opting for self-managed dedicated hosting, but then you have to handle security and other issues.

There are also many other types of hosting, such as colocation web hosting, managed hosting, and cloud hosting.


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