How Big Data and Technological Innovation Are Driving Candidate-Marketing Success

This guest post is by Cindy Lombardo, manager of candidate marketing for Yoh, A Day & Zimmermann Company, in Philadelphia. To learn more about Cindy, visit Yoh’s blog The Seamless Workforce.

Anyone who spends a little bit of time with me quickly realizes that I geek out when it comes to Big Data and how it can drive more targeted and efficient candidate-marketing strategies. So you can imagine my delight when a core focus of Monster’s Technology Summit in Las Vegas last month was focused on the convergence of Big Data, social media engagement, mobile technology and dynamic content via video.

With the pace of new-technology development and adoption, it can be a challenge for companies to remain nimble enough in their marketing and recruitment practices to discover, engage and hire the right candidates.

The sheer availability of information and our increasingly connected society have radically changed the relationship between candidates and employers.  Candidates have more options and facts with which to make critical career decisions, including who’s hiring, what’s the market rate for my skillset, what’s an employer’s company culture like, with whom would I be working and what do others think about the employer.

In response to this shift, recruitment is becoming more focused on better understanding and communicating with talent communities, targeting messaging in the right places at the right times, and continually educating and engaging candidates to keep organizations’ employment brands relevant.

So what makes the difference in a fiercely competitive talent market?

A Combination of Innovation and Technology

In leading the candidate marketing efforts at Yoh,  which provides comprehensive workforce solutions in areas such as IT and Professional Staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, my team is constantly evaluating the tools and resources to see what could best augment our recruiters’ individual skills to help them fill openings across multiple disciplines and industries.

With a focus on ensuring Yoh’s mission to facilitate and match clients’ needs with candidates’ aspirations, our team regularly evaluates and modifies our strategies for candidate engagement and advertising. We do this because the proclivities of talented individuals change with the advent of new online networking tools, new niche industry destination sites, and other technological means of interacting professionally and managing one’s career.

In trying to distinguish fads from viable marketing channels, we use data as our strategic-decision-making compass.  Big Data, if tracked consistently, thoroughly and accurately, provides an amazingly clear picture of an organization’s candidate-marking trends — successes, areas of opportunity and channels that are no longer viable — and is ultimately the impetus for facilitating more timely strategic decision-making to accelerate recruitment efficiencies.

Leveraging Big Data over the last several years, Yoh has been able to rapidly increase recruitment efficiencies through better understanding our most productive and qualified marketing channels.  This includes more proactively engaging our talent communities and both implementing and building custom technology to augment our ability to quickly target and respond to changes in job-seeker behaviors.

For us, not only is this empirical data important, but we also continually seek to partner with vendors that can provide cutting edge technologies now and into the future.  What works today and for the next 12 months may be passé before long, so those partners who understand this uniquely evolving recruiting environment and are able to continual meet our needs with cutting-edge solutions will remain important to our candidate-marketing success.

Where Monster Comes In

Not only does Monster truly understand the power of Big Data and offer technology solutions to make the most of it, but it also understands that since the recruitment industry is rife with competition, any tool allowing recruiters to identify and engage talent more quickly is key to maintaining strong client relationships and staying a step ahead of industry rivals.

With this in mind, Monster heavily invested in and developed the Power Resume Search for its resume database to provide the most qualified and relevant candidates within a few simple steps. Powered by artificial intelligence and semantic search (the technology understands concepts and relationships between words), this tool changes the Boolean-centered recruiting tactics that not every recruiter has mastered. The ability to quickly hone in on a few highly qualified resumes and begin engaging individuals without any Boolean search expertise and without wading through a stack of resumes is a game changer.

When Monster approached Yoh more than a year ago about this product, we decided to run a trial to see if our recruiters really could realize the efficiencies that Monster promised. Not only did Yoh immediately see the effect of this tool over a 45-day trial period, but with implementation of this resource in 2013 we continue to see strong results with recruiters talking about its amazing ability to not only locate professionals with highly-sought-out skill sets, but also being able to find and match candidates with roles that augment their careers.

During the Technology Summit, Yoh was recognized as a finalist in Monster’s first Monster of HR Award for excellence in implementing recruitment technology that is of great benefit to an organization.  The recognition was for our use of Power Resume Search. Yoh appreciated this honor, and is happy to have a partner that helps us fulfill our business objectives and achieve our goal of facilitating the match between our clients and candidates.

To better understand both the success of Yoh’s trial and ultimate implementation of this product watch our story online.

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