How Are WE doing?

How are WE doing is something teams tend to wait to do at their annual retreat, or planning event. These questions and their answers are the needed dashboard elements of a continuous dialog.  By the time you get to the planning meeting you have lost the opportunity for required change, innovation, and most importantly the continuous engagement of the WE of team.

Here a a dozen questions that can be made part of the ongoing dialog a team has together.

  1. Where are we going (our vision)?  Are we aligned in our actions?
  2. How will we work together (our values)?  How are we doing at this?
  3. Why do we exist (our purpose)?  Do  our values and vision drive this purpose?
  4. Whom do we serve?   Any changes here?  Required adjustments?
  5. What is expected of us?  Are we asking the right questions and listening?
  6. What are our performance gaps?  Can we adjust in real-time?
  7. What are our goals and priorities?  Have they shifted off track?
  8. What’s our implementation/improvement plan?  How are we doing?
  9. What skills/processes do we need to develop?  Are we making time to learn?
  10. What support is available?  Who can help, support? Are we connecting?
  11. How will we track our performance?  What does this tell us? How will we use it?
  12. How/when will we review, assess, celebrate, and refocus?

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