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How a Nurse is in Total Business Immersion

Have you ever been some where that filled your mind with so much information that you could not put it into words? That is what happened last weekend at the Daily Marketing Coach Workshop. Instead of trying to write it out – I shared a video with you.

This nurse is going to be immerged for the next 6 months and I am taking people with me. Of course only those that really want to see their life changed and believe that there is more out there than working with cooperate America. Leave your comment below and hit the social media share buttons above to share the message.


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Nov 2012 Angela  How a Nurse is in Total Business Immersion
Angela Brooks Speaker, author of “The Nurse Voice”, social media expert that has revolutionized MLM with social Media. She is setting a model of how to build relationships online, through social media, blogging and email. She was also named #22 in the Top 50 Blog of 2012, She is #2 in over all team volume, teaching her team to how to do business outside the box.


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