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You play with your kids, and you think of work you need to get done. You get your work done, and you feel guilty about not playing with your kids.

It sucks, right?

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How can we get ourselves home to our kids, and play with them without stressing ourselves about work? How can we have work-life balance, or at least something approaching it?

One way is to get more work done in less time.”What’s Hot in HR,” our newsletter that allows readers to keep up on the latest news and trends in HR, is one small way to be more efficient.

The free newsletter informs you of the latest trends and most popular content in the human resources marketplace in just one page each week. Our SocialEars HR software, which analyzes the industry’s social media conversations and online content (articles, blog posts), is the engine driving the newsletter.

Not coincidentally, work-life balance is one of the trending topics in the latest edition of “What’s Hot in HR.” The newsletter reported that conversation about work-life balance heated up due to Glassdoor releasing its third annual “Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance” report. A key finding was that our ever-growing attachment and access to technology is leading to the decline of work-life balance. Another headline from the survey was that Yahoo made the list despite the much-talked-about and oft-criticized decision this year to ban telework.

The other two trending topics in the latest edition of “What’s Hot in HR” are:

  • HR Technology Conference
  • Strategic HR

Check out the latest edition to learn about why they are hot topics, the content and influencers helping them become hot topics. Plus, you also can find out the four most popular content pieces (articles, blog posts) in HR from the past week.

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Post written by HRmarketer / Fisher VISTA team member Eric Anderson.

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