Honor Matters

Many countries around the world just celebrated Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day — honoring those who serve our countries. The day of remembrance selected was the end of World War I, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918. 

Relating to that day, those of us in the States know what one example of honor looks like. Pictured here are Sentinels guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns during a recent storm.

The tomb gives us a place to honor all fallen soldiers. The Unknown interred inside the tomb was brought back from France on November 11, 1921.

Honor is woven into every aspect of the tomb. The soldier “walking the mat” does not wear rank insignia, so as not to outrank any Unknown. Serving as a Sentinel is considered one of the military’s highest honors.

We all know what heroic honor looks like.

But do we recognize it during our day-in day-out routines?

How many of us honor the unknowns in our lives? Stopping to tell someone we don’t know that they brightened our day?

How many of us put our jobs on the line when all those stupid ideas, that are so wasteful to the human capital known as our teammates, are passed onto us during stupid meetings?

How many of us speak the truth to power? Or, or, or… The list of duties with supreme honor and sacrifice during our day-to-day routines is endless.

Honor matters.
In all forms. What act of honor will you do today?

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