Hiring Smarts

Hiring Smarts

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As hiring has picked up I’m getting the same questions from a variety of managers at different levels and in different industries.

Boiled down they all want to know if there is a way to avoid bad hires, i.e., the ones that happen in spite of a rigorous interviewing process.

The answer is yes and I’ve written about them at various times over the years; rather than compose yet another post discussing them I thought I would just link back to them (getting lazy in my old blogging age).

The most persistent reason for bad hires is unconscious.

The first is charm (or charisma, if you prefer), which it makes us want to be around the person. You combat charm using RampUp Solutions four hiring rules.

On the flip side, attractiveness, which we are actually hard wired to prefer, is the biggest reason for missing good hires. But that, too, is preventable.

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