Hey! Where are you going?

Lost directions?Have you ever just left a room at home or at work hearing someone shouting, hey where are you going? My dad had to have some kind of freedom at home; he had to have the privilege to leave the house without anyone interfering with his plans or “interrogating” him. We all knew he would just go to look after his boat anyway. But when you leave a group of people at work or at home, the polite thing is to tell them where you’re going.

“I am going out for a pack of cigarettes”
Household fathers have been using this excuse to leave families behind for decades. At least they had a plan to get out of there…

“I dun know”

If you left the room, resulting in someone asking where you’re going, what would be your answer?
What if I asked you: What do you want to achieve in life? Would you say “dun know”?

The man with a plan
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” – Lewis Carroll.

Take action

I often find myself with no inspiration to blog, or with no clue on what to write about. Just sitting and wishing that I would be creative won’t work. If I place the laptop in front of me and start writing, just a few lines… well, then I would be a few lines closer to getting a post completed. A goal with no action is just a dream.

 Having a clear direction is more important than speed, it will help you to make good decisions and get you closer to the goal.
Find your goal, decide what it takes to get there, and start walking one step at a time.

You can read more about how to set yourself goals here, or more about how to stay motivated here.

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