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Information Consumption can be difficult

As some of you may know, I read a lot of stuff every week.  Most of my news and information consumption comes from the Internet, although I read a lot of magazines and other media as well.   While no one has measured it, I think that I tend to go through a lot more information than your average business person.   I have encountered a couple of people who are nearly my equal, and only one, John Spence, who makes me look like an amateur.  You can check out his extensive list of book and reading recommendations here.

I consume all this information for several reasons.

It is a huge part of my work.  I do extensive research and analysis on business developments, workplace trends and human resources issues every week.

It helps me identify topics for the article here on the blog, and the other places I write.

It makes me a better, stronger, faster HR and business professional.

This is also why I try to share a lot of the information I wade through by posting links to twitter, bookmarks on delicious, or via Google Reader.   I know from personal discussions, some people find this an endearing quality, and others find it to be overkill, or even annoying.    I come down on the side of helpful and useful, understanding that some people may exercise their right to utilize the “off button”.    That is the reason they make televisions with more than one channel.    Not everyone consumes information the same way.

Bearing that in mind, that is why I have created something I am calling my BizStream on Posterous.

What’s a Posterous BizStream?

Stealing a couple of notes from the idea of lifestreaming, I am going to utilize the Posterous site to share information from my business stream that would be relevant to people interested in the topics I follow most of the time, business, human resources, social media, and employee relation.  So  My Posterous BizStream is a way to share a business stream of relevant topical information to your audience.

I just started playing with this, and I am still working out the bugs, so I hope you will bear with me.  I also hope that you will take a look, and find it useful.  Updates will be posted to twitter and Facebook.

I hope you will take a look.

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