Hello Future!

Do you sometimes feel as though you have blinked and missed something? That feeling will become ever more common in the years to come as the newest and coolest gadgets come off the drawing boards and into your home. Technology is being developed currently that you have probably never even dreamed of before. Here are just a few examples of what you should be looking forward to over the next ten years.

I am sure that you, along with many others, have experienced that moment when you have a flash of inspiration but nothing to write it down on. You try as hard as you can to remember, but you just cannot seem to get the thought to stay in your mind long enough to find a pen and a paper. This is especially frustrating when you are working on a creative project and dealing with a problem and the thought that you just had would have solved it completely for your whole group. Well, there is a new version of a PC coming out called the Napkin PC. This is a multi-user computer that is designed especially for creative professionals. The screen itself is designed to look like a napkin. It is thin and small so that you are able to take it with you anywhere. All you have to do is put int back in the “napkin holder” and replace the pen and you are able to share your ideas.

It was only a matter of time until a watch, like the Info-Live Watch, was developed. There is already a wrist watch that connects to your iPod so that you have your music and time in the same place. But there is a device being developed that is connected to WiFi that gives you updates to any network that you are connected to in the internet world. You can email, update to Facebook or Twitter, and check any other kind of network as you run, drive, take the bus, or sit at your desk.

Radios have been going more and more out of style as people turn to compact disks, iPods, and Sirius. Hardly anyone turns on the radio and dials into a favorite station, no one has a favorite station any more. The 08 Radio by Mikael Silvanto is going to change that. This is a device that lets you move a speaker along a calibration slide so that you can pick a station to listen to. It is simple to use, and has a very sleek interface so that you can change stations effortlessly and quickly.

These are just a few examples of some gadgets that you could potentially be seeing in the next few years. No sign was put up to tell you “Welcome to the Future!”, but here we are!

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