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According to research group Forrester they are now 1/3 of the US Internet population – a trend that would almost certainly be mirrored in the UK when you consider that OFCOM found that social media engagement was if anything slightly higher in Britain than in the US.

Who are they?   They update their status on social networks like (generally) Facebook and / or post Twitter updates.    Then there’s creators (24%) who actively create content and upload it, and ‘critics’, 37% who will post comments and ratings – which could be about your brand.

The demographics of ‘conversationalists’ confirm the female bias of social media, 56% are women and though they are the youngest group overall, 70% are still 30+.   Meanwhile the number of online consumers NOT using social media in any shape or form is down to less than 1 in 5 (17%).

Writing in AdAge, Forrester’s Josh Bernoff says that there are a number of different ways you can use this data, one of which is to “convince your boss this social stuff is for real, and that if you haven’t jumped on it, you’re late.”

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