HCL: A New Online Community for Workplace Professionals

Welcome to Human Capital League, a new online community for workplace management professionals and others interested in the best practices of training and development, employee benefits, recruiting, payroll and the many other people-related functions that keep the wheels of commerce turning smoothly. 

If you blog about workplace issues we’d love to have you syndicate your stuff here and become one of our Featured Bloggers (like the nice folks whose posts you’ll see below).  It’s an easy way to get extra readers and promote your expertise with no extra work. (The posting process is automatic once it’s set up.)   Send me a note if you want to know more or you can click on “Add your Blog” in the navigation bar and do it yourself.

Even if you’re not a blogger, you should register and fill out the profile page.  That’ll allow you to leave comments without moderation, rate posts, promote your business and participate in all of the other community activities.

If you’re wondering who I am, I’m the guy who created, built and managed the content for some of the most successful BtoB communities on the web, including Social Media Today, MyVenturepad, and SmartData Collective.  My background in workplace issues dates back to the 90s when I produced and wrote a number of e-learning supplements for Fortune magazine.  I also published for a number of years a weekly newsletter called E-Learning Alert.

Thanks for stopping by.  We’ll be updating regularly every day from now on so stop by frequently and don’t forget to register.


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