Having A Great Day


Some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it seems like there is no way to perk it up, but that is not true. There are things that you can do that will make your day so much better and can turn the entire thing around.

One thing that you can do is laugh. Whether it is at nothing or something, laughing releases certain chemicals (endorphins) that make you happier. Laughing at some point during the day can make you feel emotionally better. Even if you do not think that something is terribly funny, force yourself to laugh because then you get the same result.

Smiling at people is another good way to make any day better. Smiling at people makes people smile at you and that makes you day take a turn for the best. When you smile you are also using less muscles than it takes to frown.

Sweat also makes a good day. If you sweat at some point in the day, intentionally, then your day has been productive. A regular day most likely does not involve you going out and doing something active. So if you are able to sweat because of doing something physically exerting, then you day has been more productive than a typical day.

These are just a few ideas for you to turn your day around. If anything, they will make your day a little more bearable if not completely enjoyable.

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