Have You Thought About Talent This Way?

You don’t pay much attention to what seems to come easily to you. And you should.

I just finished a mid-career assessment with Mike. He has a grouping of talents that would make any major construction or engineering firm drool with anticipation of hiring him as a project manager.

So when I pointed out his natural strengths, what was his response?


“Oh, of course, but that’s just stuff that I’ve always liked to do.”

Well, yeah! It just so happens that what he’s always like to do–and is really, really good at–fits perfectly with outstanding project management. But he never saw himself as gifted in that area because it seemed easy. As a result, he spent years not promoting his career because he thought that if it was easy it must not be worth anything.

Are you doing the same thing?

Start paying attention to what you do really well and the underlying communication, relational, and functional talents that go with it. I use a proprietary assessment to zero in on the specifics with my clients. You can start by asking those around you to tell you how they see you in these three areas:

    Facilitating group discussion

    Are you a large group, small group, or one-at-a time relator?

When you determine which fits you best, look at your career. Does your current job match your relational talent? If so, great. If not, find a situation that matches. This is a huge determiner of job success.


    Helping/Service orientation
    Managerial/Sole contributor orientation
    Good with lots of action or lots of thinking time?
    Do you excel in dealing with people or things?

That’s a start. Then do this:

Recognize that what you do well–and what comes naturally–has great value.

Decide today to find the career match that brings out the best in you.

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Steve has designed and delivered leadership and communication programs for some of the world's largest organizations, and has more than 30 years in training, development, and high-level executive coaching. His Roesler Group has created and delivered leadership and talent development internationally for corporations such as Pfizer, Minerals Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, NordCarb Oy Ab, and Specialty Minerals--Europe. Steve is currently involved in the latest update of his Presenting With Impact program, a cross-cultural presentations workshop that has been delivered on five continents to more than 1,000 participants representing nearly 60 nationalities.


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