Have A Kit That Will Travel

It makes good sense to pack all your hygiene products when traveling in a manner that will not jumble the contents, or strike fear in TSA agents at the airport. Shaving is a necessity and having all the proper tools are a must. The “Clint Eastwood” look only works in the movies, and it only worked for him. A clean shaven face, as well as a groomed moustache, goatee, or beard says a lot about someone who looks in charge. It is the same for women wearing sheer or no pantyhose. It really is about hygiene and good impressions.

A good shaving kit needs to be one that is easily filled with all the things needed for hair removal and shaving. It has to be large enough to get to easily and has to be small enough to fit in the carry-on bag for travel. Those two rules are capital. Choosing a resilient fabric for the shaving bag is a good idea. A thin cotton one simply does not cut it. A grained leather one is optimal if it is not heavy. It should contain a smaller compartment for a razor, shaver, or electric shaver, and then bottles for after-shave or some after-shave cream. This makes these items easily identifiable, and easily carried within the guidelines of airline, train or bus travel. This type of case is good even for everyday use at home as well. A good shaving kit can be purchased separately according to individual tastes, or even as a part of a luggage ensemble. Yes, Coach and Louis Vuitton have shaving kits. It might be a good idea to have an AC adapter for the electric razor if you should use one.

Shaving kits are a part of traveling because in traveling to foreign countries as near as Chittling Switch, AL, or Russia, OH, stores in the area simply may nor carry the brands of razors, and shave cosmetics that you prefer. It is best to have your own, use your own, and keep your own. It is not uncommon to have a nasty skin allergic reaction from using products not designed for your skin. The last thing you need is to have dermatitis at an interview, and your perspective employer thinks an injection is in order. Worse yet, being on a first date having had a shaving snafu,(or the presence of underarm hair with the ladies) is just date death. A weekly check of the shaving kit to renew supplies can be done with the weekly grocery list. Everything is neat, tidy, and ready to use.

Shaving and hair removal are hygiene issues that can be wrapped up in one neat little organized kit. If the rest of life were so simple.

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