Hassle Free Or High Maintenance?

On Friday, I talked about how easy you are to do business with as an individual, a department, a division and an organization.

I was recently reviewing some research from The Corporate Executive Board and I would like to share six keys of how organizations have created a “low effort” service organization.

One of the things that is consistent with what I have been saying for years is that low effort service organizations focus on seeking feedback from high effort customers. These six keys are consistent in our work in helping companies create exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Six Ways Hassle Free Companies Operate

1. They enable front line staff through learning to deliver hassle free experiences and remove obstacles.

2. They practice experience engineering by arming reps to actively guide the customer through key touch points to a desired outcome.

3. They prioritize customer effort reduction above all else and focus on being seamless and hassle free.

4. They don’t just resolve the current issue. They also practice experience improvement to head off the next likely issue through issue avoidance.

5. They minimize channel switching during an interaction.

6. Yes, they have reps proactively seek out feedback from customers who have endured high effort experiences.


So, how easy are you to do business with?

Are you hassle free? Or are you high maintenance?



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