Has Twitter finally delivered THE real-time social recruiting tool, with Twitter Business Center?

Twitter Business Center

At last it seems that Twitter have got their act together with their approach to using Twitter for Business. We all know how powerful a toll Twitter can be, but now they really have something that could just make it the must-have social media tool for business!

They are pushing out Twitter Business Center to a range of businesses currently in a beta format, to iron out any final bugs (and I suspect to create a viral demand for the product when it goes live <<<< me sceptical?), but from the early indications there are a couple of features that, for me, make this really interesting indeed.

  1. Verification badge – indicating you are a genuine business
  2. Allow multiple contributers on one Twitter business account
  3. Allow you to accept Direct Messages (DM’s) from anyone – not just from people who you follow.

While the first two are great, for me it is point No.3 that is the game changer. Why?

In two simple words – Customer Services  <<< what a great recruitment tool!

Immediately when this is enabled on your website (when it goes live of course), it gives your customers, clients, candidates (who you may not even know…….yet) the opportunity to engage with you, privately, directly and immediately. WOW!
And even better, you don’t have to monitor Twitter all the time, because
you can set up DM’s (Direct Messages) to arrive by email – brilliant!

An immediate help line, customer services and non-public response line. This would be a great way to engage with job-seekers for a recruitment campaign, recruitment issues or for recruitment questions. You don’t then have to follow all the prospective candidates, to enable them to have real-time conversation with them. >>>Before you say it – yes you could pick up the phone, and you should, but this can be used for convenience and time saving<<< 

I think this is a great innovation from Twitter – just can’t wait for them to roll it out across the whole Twitterverse!

What about you? Can you see the benefits or even suggest some pitfalls (please don’t mention DM spam – I have already twigged that!!)?

Image credit: Mashable.com

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