Has Social Recruiting Killed the Help Wanted Sign?

Is the Help Wanted a complete waste of time when the rest of the world seems to be on the Internet tweeting jobs and posting video job ads?

That little Help Wanted sign is just step one in the evolution that brought us all to the social recruiting conversation. We’ve moved from Help Wanted signs, referrals and word of mouth recruiting to newspaper advertisements to job board destination sites — both niche and general — to user-generated content sites.  However, it’s important to note that each stage of this evolution has not replaced the one before it. Rather, each stage enhanced and added to the next. It is a cumulative effort. So by the time an organization begins engaging social recruiting regularly, you can be sure that they have effectively woven that Help Wanted sign, referral program and niche destination board into their greater recruiting strategy as well. Why? Because each and every one of these methods is based on one common component — employment brand.

  • Happy engaged employees make that Help Wanted sign come alive.
  • Referrals by satisfied customers, partners, employees or former employees are invaluable for enhancing your employment brand.
  • Presence in the local newspaper where all the community members view their local sports and news builds employment brand.
  • Representation of your organization online — complete with job ads, user-generated content and social recruitment elements that highlight thought-provoking conversation — enhances your employment brand.

Here’s a hint for how to make your social recruiting a little more like that effective Help Wanted sign. Sometimes it’s as simple as making local reference in your job ads- using locales and local reference beyond positioning it appropriately in the title or the filter the candidate can use to search. Also, remember that your hashtags on Twitter and keywords in social recruiting in general are crucial. Learn which are most commonly searched for and most effective in your marketplace. Speak the seekers’ language!

But don’t think for one moment that a rude or negative employee, a bad story about an employment situation through word of mouth or the Internet or a lackluster online presence won’t have the opposite effect on your employment brand. Candidates are always watching whether it’s that online story you’re building or the attitude behind the Help Wanted sign.

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