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Join me for a Google+ Hangout on Air this Saturday morning at 10:00 am Pacific time.

Why isn’t L&D supporting informal learning?

Informal learning is important. We need to pay more attention to it but don’t know how.

That’s the conclusion of the CLO Business Intelligence Board. In the current issue of Chief Learning Officer, IDG’s Cushing Anderson reports that these CLOs think “informal learning deserves more attention because it reflects the real world outside the classroom and knowledge that is more applicable to tasks.” (It’s number one on the list.) The CLOs reported “…there is little knowledge about how exactly to support informal learning.”

Informal learning is a top priority in most corporate L&D plans. Josh Bersin, Elliott Masie, and Tony Bingham sing its praises.

L&D managers claim they don’t know what to do about informal learning.

Join me to explore why. What’s so tough? I’ll suggest a few reasons — and what to do about them.

On Air

Last Saturday’s Hangout was oversubscribed. (Handouts are limited to ten participants.)

This time around we’re going “On Air.” The Hangout will be broadcast live for anyone to watch and will be recorded for YouTube.

Please join us and share your experience.

Mark your calendar!


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