Halt: Meeting Traps Ahead


I just returned from a good meeting.

Everyone was engaged, no one dominated (unless it made sense because of specific expertise), and everyone who spoke did something to check for understanding. It was more like a comfortable discussion around a warm fireplace in winter than a stereotypical business meeting. So it made me think about the planning that went into it and how it was led.

A long while ago I had a discussion that sparked my thinking about “meeting blockers.” Here are 5 of those traps. See if any sound familiar to you:

1) People think they are experts.

2) People think they are inspiring.

3) People think others agree with them.

4) People think others are clairvoyant.

5) People think meetings are necessary.

Number 5 is my personal favorite since I often bear down on clients and associates whose first step in addressing an issue is to call a meeting.

What do you do to avoid these traps or quickly get out of them when you see them closing in?!

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