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Sunni Brown

Neural Self-HackingSome people call it alignment engineering. Other people call it cognitive behavior performance blah blah whatever. 

“I think it is absolutely riveting what is happening in the reprogramming of the mind. Because we know more about neurology in the mind, which is to say we know nothing, still. But we do know techniques that can be applied to thinking in order to elevate oneself.

“It’s phenomenal what we’re going to see in terms of people amplifying not only their productivity, but also their awareness of their own perceptions and their own ability to be empathic towards others in a way that matters in the workplace and in their lives.

“You can get there by asking yourself simple questions like: 
What’s actually happening? (Not: What do I perceive to be happening?) 
What are the reasons that is happening? 
Am I personally responsible for any of that? 
How might I shift my behavior in order to change an outcome? 

“Practicing asking just those four questions can change a transaction forever. I you choose to bring to understand what you’re bringing to that situation that you could change.”
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We all need to ask ourselves those four questions ALL the time! Because we are always bring our own stories and perceptions to whatever is happening. 

Hack yourself today! Realize what you can do to change ANY situation!

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