Guaranteed Screw-Up

Guaranteed Screw-Up

Post from: MAPpingCompanySuccess a guaranteed way to screw-up your company?

Guaranteed to work no matter well managed the company has always been?

If so, just follow these three steps:

1. Give three ambitious humans equal status to compete for the top prize of becoming CEO.

Two years ago Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes created an Office of the President to inspire three ambitious executives into collegial competition for the top job at Warner Bros., Hollywood’s largest film and television studio.

2. Turn a blind eye to any problems that arise.

And although Bewkes said anyone jockeying or politicking for the job of Warner Bros.’ chairman would “eliminate themselves” as contenders, the three men have been maneuvering for position while their subordinates quietly advertise their bosses’ qualities and rivals’ shortcomings.

3. Ignore the fallout from the competition that you instigated.

Morale is low and anxiety is high on Warner’s Burbank lot. Some insiders describe an atmosphere in which executives are hesitant to extend contracts, staffers are afraid to cross department lines for fear of “taking sides” and potential partners are wary of signing long-term deals without knowing who will be in charge.

Actions like this make you wonder what Bewkes was/is thinking or what he’s using, since it’s obviously not his brain.

You don’t have to be running a multi-billion dollar company to learn from this; in fact, the lesson here is for everybody, whether boss or individual, and it’s a simple one with no exceptions.

Never put into action any plan that ignores the most basic traits of human nature.

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