Growth of Social Tools in the Workplace

Is your workplace incorporating social tools yet?

Many organizations are moving to deploy social learning and collaboration tools to make the workplace more productive… and possibly a lot more engaging as well.

Let’s start off by defining what are commonly accepted as popular social tools for the workplace.  These tools may include:

  • Live chat service
  • Learning/training/certification management
  • Event and calendaring management
  • Online profiles
  • Forums and blogs
  • Project and file collaboration
  • Connection to external social networks
  • More…

Bringing in these types of social tools to any environment is getting easier and cheaper everyday. Most services are available as a software-as-a-service (Benefits of SaaS), meaning no additional IT burden is necessary.

The reason why such tools are becoming more accepted at such an accelerated pace is because of the recognized benefits.  Bringing new hires up to speed faster, reducing traditional training costs, having valuable content available onhand, keeping employees engaged and so much more all contribute directly to the bottom line. Companies have noticed and are changing.

Here is a great aricle detailing the direct value of social learning tools:

Microsoft recently produced a case study looking into just what was changing in business as it related to the demand and perception of social tool becoming more prevalent. Below, I have included the infographic showing what they found:

Social Tools More Popular Workplace

Based off of Microsoft’s finding, most people are ready to bring social learning and collaboration tools into the workplace better and believe they will increase productivity.

And, shockingly, as many as 28% of employees have added social tools themselves, violating their company’s policies.

Employees are ready. Companies see the bottom-line benefit. What is your organization waiting for?

Such social tools as TOPYX learning management system makes the move to incorporating award-winning resources easily and affordable.  Plus, there is no per user fee with TOPYX, so you can incorporate social learning management and collaboration tools organization-wide for a flat subscription.

See why over 10 million users trust TOPYX as their social learning management system by requesting a free demo.

The use of social tools will continue to grow and the companies benefiting from them will continue to grow as well. The traditional workplace has changed to become more engaging and productive. Make sure your organization does not miss out on how becoming more social will change how they do business.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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