Great career ideas for people who love to travel



Many of us love to travel, but simply can’t find the time to explore the world amidst having to earn a living. A great way to overcome this barrier is by working in a job that lets you travel! Here are some awesome careers you may want to pursue.

Tour Guide

What better way to travel the world than to help others do just the same? A tour guide gets to help others enjoy the magic of travel every day. Of course, if you want to acquire such a job you will have to have an extensive knowledge of the area you wish to work in. Knowing another language is also a massive selling point, when applying for tour guide work. It may be a great idea to skill yourself with online courses before pursuing this career.

You will have to be ready for any question a tourist may throw at you and be able to tap into your knowledge of history. On that note, tour guides have to enjoy working with people – as interaction and public speaking will be everyday parts of your job.

English Teacher

There are many opportunities for English speakers to travel to different parts of the world to tutor locals in the language. These jobs are in particular abundance in Asia, where speaking English is a highly sought after skill.

This can be a challenging, though rewarding job, as you will be working with students who are fluent in a different language to you. If you are able to speak both English and their language, you will make the perfect candidate for this job. However, many opportunites only require you to know English.

Flight Attendant

If you aren’t nervous when flying and love to travel around the globe, being a flight attendant might just be the perfect job. You get to fly from one destination to another, often allowed to stop in between for a little while to enjoy the scenery.

Not only that, but working for airlines usually means that you have access to discounted plane tickets and potentially free upgrades!

Many airlines provide their own flight attendant training courses, which is a great place to start if this is something you are interested in pursuing!

Au Pair

Wherever you go in the world, there are children who need to be taken care of! An Au Pair job requires very little formal training and is the perfect job for students who want to travel the world, while still covering expenses.

Keep in mind, working with children isn’t for everybody! It can be extremely stressful and demanding. But if you love working with little ones, being an Au Pair is a no-brainer.

Travel Blogger

Do you have a penchant for words and love building an audience? Monetising a travel blog is an amazing way to fundraise your adventures around the globe. Travel bloggers can generate a lot of revenue through advertisements and affiliate marketing.

However, keep in mind that this is no guarantee. A lot of travel blogs fall by the wayside and never make a cent. While blogging can be a great passion project, it’s not easy to convert it into a full time profession (though possible).


Have you already made enough money, and just want to give back to the world? Volunteering can be a hugely fulfilling way to travel the world and help out communities who are less privileged.

Often volunteering companies will cover your accommodation, travel and food – allowing you to do work in communities around the world. This is often difficult labour, but you will make unforgettable memories and really help people in need.

Earning money doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of travelling the globe. Finding a job that lets you visit new and interesting places is a great way to satisfy your itch for travel.

Alana Downer is a Content Manager at Learn to Trade and loves travelling in South East Asia.

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