Great Alternatives To Traditional Cigarettes

cigaretteEveryone knows that smoking is bad, but did you know that smoking causes one out of five deaths in our nation? Did you know that men that smoke, on average, lose a little over thirteen years of their lives? That is fourteen and a half years marked off of a woman smoker’s life. Scary, right? Well, how about we look at the fact that one cigarette contains 4,800 chemicals. 69 of them can cause cancer. Secondhand smoke has 7,000 chemicals. 70 of them are cancer causing. We are doing some serious damage to ourselves, but those around you, your loved ones, are getting hurt worse at your own hands.
The good news: It is not too late to quit. There are benefits to be earned after your first day of living smoke free. In the first twelve hours, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop. In two weeks, you will breathe better and you won’t be coughing nearly as much. After a year, your risk of getting a heat disease is half of a smoker’s. In five years, your risk of stroke decreases. After ten years, your chances of getting cancer is reduced. Sounds great, but quitting sometimes is not as easy as putting down your smokes and walking away. You may need to replace your habit with something that is safer for you.
Right now, a popular method of quitting, is by buying e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes that are battery powered. They work by putting a liquid in your e-cigarette and it acts like a vaporizer. You still get the action of holding your cigarette and exhaling smoke, so this may be a good choice.
Nicorette has a line of products that include gum and lozenges, to help you on your journey to quitting. If you have a craving for a cigarette, pop a piece in your mouth, and it will defer it. Nicorette works by giving you a small amount of nicotine.
A common alternative is NicoDerm, or “the patch”. The patch is applied to your skin and it releases a controlled amount of nicotine, with a time release system, that will help to ease off of cigarettes.
Another alternate that you may look into is Chantix. Chantix is a prescription pill that has no nicotine (the addictive component of a cigarette) inside. It works by blocking the receptors in your brain to block the nicotine. You actually start taking it a week before you want to quit. The success rate is phenomenal. You can read more about it on their website.
Whatever method you use, counseling is available to you. There is support out there! Good luck and enjoy your new smoke free life!

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