Google world’s most attractive employer: Survey

Google has emerged as the world’s most attractive employer, but four global auditing giants are posing a challenge for the technology firm, says a survey by employer branding company Universum. 

According to Universum’s — The world’s most attractive employers 2010 – index, Google retains its number one position for the second consecutive year. 

The Universum survey saw auditing majors — KPMG, Ernst and Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte — dominating four of the top five positions. 

Auditing firm KPMG ranked second after Google, while Ernst and Young came third followed by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte which were placed fourth and fifth in the list. 

“We are witnessing the auditing firms and FMCG companies reconquering their talent group after a brief love affair with the IT industry,” Universum CEO Michal Kalinowski said. 

However, companies in the banking and investment industry, management consulting, and oil and gas now encounter the problem of being perceived as less attractive employers, Universum said. 

Other world’s most attractive employers in the list include Procter & Gamble (6th), Microsoft (7th), Coca Cola Company (8th), J P Morgan (9th) and Goldman Sachs (10th). 

In the engineering category, the IT companies continue to dominate. With Google, Microsoft and IBM as the top three most lucrative employers in the segment. 

German car manufacturer BMW is still the most powerful employer brand in the automotive industry. Apple has made a new entry at the 10th position. 

The list also includes Sony at the 4th position, Intel at (6th), General Electric (7th), Siemens (8th), Procter & Gamble (9th). 

Michal further added that “multinational corporations are increasingly aware of the current and future challenges of a shrinking workforce. To counter problems in securing their talent pipeline requires a talent attraction and employer branding strategy.” 

The survey took into consideration responses of close to 130,000 career seekers with a business or engineering background.

source: economic times

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