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Google venturing into personal fitness, introduces Chromercise program

After seeing a rather dismal FDI (Finger Dexterity Index) trend over the years, online search giant Google today quietly launch its latest fitness initiative to further enhance the well-being of Internet users worldwide. Google called the new hands/fingers exercise, Chromercise, to leverage on the the branding of its highly popular Chrome browser.

A rather dismal FDI

According to Googler Chris Wright, certified Chromercise instructor:

Some existing finger exercise programs focus on upgrading your digits’ cardiovascular strength and musculature; others focus on dexterity. Chromercise’s unique blend of aerobic motion and rhythmic accompaniment covers all of the above while simultaneously tightening and toning your fingers’ actual appearance.

Check out the before-after of the Chromercise programme:

Google venturing into personal fitness, introduces Chromercise program originally appeared on GreyReview on April 1, 2011.


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