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This is a post by PR columnist, Alison Kenney.

Like many people, when it comes to Google+ I’m wary of putting time and energy into another social media network, especially when there’s not a lot to be gained from doing so yet.  Unlike the major social networks Google is trying to unseat with Plus (such as Facebook and Twitter), Google+ isn’t attracting the masses and the folks who are attracted are scratching their heads once they join.

So, what is one to do?

First, have some perspective –Google+ got an impressive jump out of the starting gate with 25 million people signing up for it in the first month. Technology “geeks” and social media experts rave about it. On the other hand, Google+ visitors have dropped 37 percent in the last few weeks, according to Alexa and plenty of “ordinary folk” who got into the beta have expressed backlash for Google+.

Give Google a chance – Google+ is currently in a closed beta testing phase but Google appears to be betting heavily on Plus with impressive marketing expenditures.  Google has yet to introduce its Google+ pages for businesses, so it’s impossible to say what the business opportunity will be yet (though that isn’t stopping anyone from speculating)

Be patient – as Doug Haslam writes on the Voce Communications blog: “I ask the early adopters not to declare the service dead or the greatest thing ever- mere days into this limited launch. I share the naysayers’ concerns that it will be hard to move people off Facebook and/or Twitter, let alone other services we are used to using, to make Plus the center of our lives. We don’t even know what the services for businesses are going to be, so snap judgments on this new social network are meaningless. I also share the cheerleaders’ enthusiasm- for me, a hope, really- that Google Plus may actually take advantage of the fact many of use disparate Google services like Mail, Documents, even Buzz (guilty, and lonely).”

What do you think? Have you tried Google+?  What do you think it’s chances are?

Alison Kenney an independent PR practitioner with more than 15 years of PR consulting experience. She is based on Boston’s North Shore and has worked with organizations in the technology, professional services and consumer industries. She writes a bi-monthly PR column on You can find her at Learn more about Alison Kenney.

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