Google is trying to become my social media client, will it be yours?

In time the answer is a clear Maybe.  Google Replay makes it very easy to see what social media conversations are taking place about any keyword(s) you want to watch.  Google Replay shows you in real-time the conversations that are taking place across a variety of networks and platforms, ranging from Facebook to Google Buzz to Twitter and more.  For example, do you want to see what people think about American Idol?

I know, I know, who wouldn’t want to track American Idol in real-time? :-)

While Google is clearly your social media data store with real-time updates do not get too excited about being able to replace more expensive solutions anytime soon.  While small businesses that are not yet investing in more robust solutions should leverage Replay, others will have to wait for more features to either be built on top of,  or around, these additions.

In line with Google’s efforts to become my Twitter client, or rather my social client, it has also added Follow Finder, a recommendation engine for Twitter users.  Expect to see a lot more coming out of this tool, or similar tools, as Google works to mine the data to build unique insights on influencers and power users.

2010 is continuing to shape up as an interesting year on the social scene and guess what…. It is only April.


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