Google is throwing Microsoft out the door, what does it mean to you?

Business Insider reported that Google has decided to stop using Microsoft products and are now giving its employees the option of either using Apple or Linux alternatives.  While this news is worthy of coverage, and represents the loss of more than 20,000 Windows licenses to Microsoft, I doubt that many other companies will follow.

While the Microsoft operating system is far from perfect, and the Apple interface is clean and easy to use:

  • Apple computers cost more than PCs.   This is true for desktops and laptops.  Strike one.
  • There are more desktop IT staff trained and available to support a PC-based infrastructure. I have managed IT groups responsible for both and have always found it more difficult to find capable IT engineers for supporting Apple hardware.  While they do exist there are fewer of them around and generally demand a higher salary.  Strike two.
  • The Apple interface, while cleaner and easier to use than the PC, is a major change for many business users who already know how to use PCs.  Easier or not, it is a new interface for many business users and there will be productivity losses in switching from PCs to Macs.  Strike three.

While I could continue with my list making for a few hours it all boils down to cost. At the end of the day most businesses will find that a switch from PCs to Macs doesn’t make good business sense. 

What do you think? Anyone disagree?


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