Goodies from 2011

Goodies from 2011

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5863524614_edd6ee5dbf_mIt’s the time for Best and Worst lists, so here are links to some I found interesting.

First up is Dan McCarthy’s January Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2011 Edition as chosen by each blogger.

Now take a look at the companies with the potential to unseat, or at least rattle, Zynga’s social gaming crown.

Many people died last year, some famous, but many just everyday people. They were important in their own world and their stories make fascinating reading. I especially liked the story of Keith W. Tantlinger; few have heard of him, but he profoundly changed our lives.

At the other end of the 2011 spectrum are the Worst CEO Screwups along with the Worst CEOs.

Are you familiar with the Pogie Awards? They “celebrate the best ideas of the year: ingenious features that somehow made it out of committee and into real-world products, even if the resulting products aren’t that great.”

I get really sick of all the lousy ads, especially those for drugs. Ugh! That said, I do enjoy good ads, such as 2011’s top ten ads based on analysis by Zeta Interactive.

Finally, here are enough 2011 trivia questions to make your get togethers interesting for at least three or four months.


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