Friday was tough. That’s the way funerals are supposed to be I guess. We talk about celebrating a life and when it comes down to it, saying goodbye hurts. Badly.

I wrote a tribute to Dad and with gentle encouragement I decided to read it out to the 140 people who turned out to say goodbye with us. Toughest. Gig. Ever. I was fortunate. John Williams, the man who conducted the formalities, was my first reserve. It helps to know someone’s got your back in a tight corner.

Keira wrote a lovely note to her Grandpa and read it out to everyone. I think it’s a shame more kids don’t go to funerals, they are an important moment and as John Williams said to us, ‘do whatever you feel you want, and be mindful you can’t come back and try again next week’. Kids rock – well done Keira.

Keira's Letter to Grandpa

Writing about Dad dying has been very helpful for me. I wouldn’t say it’s eased any sadness, rather it’s given it some direction. And a good friend suggested to me that continuing to write letters to the dead can be a useful way of moving on. We’ll see. Any more writing I do about this will be in private. Thanks everyone for being so respectful and supportive, and goodbye Dad.


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