Goodbye Posterous

By now, everyone knows that Posterious is about to shut down.


After being a loyal user of the Posterous platform for almost 4 years, I’ve been forced into setting up a new blog. 

At first I wanted to blog about ideas I had. I wanted a sounding-board that I could interact with, and learn from. The more complex the problems I explored in my blog were; the more it forced me to explore possibilities, interact with experts, and conduct experiments. Eventually I realized that my blog was encouraging me to push boundaries, and explore unexplored areas related to my field.

I started to really enjoy blogging; and saw each post as the summary of an intrinsic journey attempting to solve a problem that seemed difficult to solve. I never wanted a real blog; I loved the light-weight, easy-to-use nature of Posterous. Even after some readers of my blog encouraged me to change platforms, I maintained my presence on Posterous.



I was planning on starting a new blog anyway; just not so soon. For the past couple years I’ve been working closely with a large corporation that has a large, continuious, R&D budget. Long-story-short, they wanted to extend our working relationship, but I wanted the flexibility of working with different companies and the control over which projects I would work on. After months of trying to figure out how we could continue to work together, we were about to part ways when something finally solidified. 

I’ve been considering making the jump from freelance UX, to something more rewarding. Enter Hositle Sheep, an idea I had years ago, to establish a digital lab with the capabilities required to architect measureable experiences based on human insights; quickly and afforably.



The company I was working with suggested they would be interested in retaining Hostile Sheep to support selected R&D efforts. Although, for the past year, I’ve been working directly with them; they actually have an agreement with Hostile Sheep.

I was expecting to announce Hostile Sheep near the end of the year; but need a place to blog & part of the spirit of Hostile Sheep is transparency. Although any new company needs a certain amount of quiet and mystic; Hostile Sheep will aim to be completely transparent once all of the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. 

Stay tuned as I migrate this blog to my new home at Hostile Sheep’s blog – The Experience Department.

And remember to update your RSS feed:

This blog will be unavailable as of April 30th (according to Posterous). You’ll be able to find all of your favourite past posts on the new blog, complete with all the old comments. All of the images, and media were hosted elsewhere, so all of those links will be maintained.

Singing off.


Jordan Julien




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