Going to the 16th Annual National HR Development Network Conference

From tomorrow I would be attending the 16th Annual Conference of India’s largest HR body, the National HRD Network.

I was lucky last year to be involved in a small way with last year’s conference in Bangalore.

This time I am looking forward to attending the following sessions:

  • Special Session on Beyond Strategy by Robin Speculund, Founder & CEO, Bridges Business Consultancy Int Pte Ltd – UK
  • Decisions by Design or Accident: The moments of truth in HR Strategy – a panel discussion by Sameer Khanna, Saurabh Das Patnaik, Azim Jamal
  • Big Fight: Is HR in a Box? A discussion between S Varadarajan, Ishant Manaktala, P. Dwarakanath
  • Mega Session: Humans First, Resources Next: The Missing Focus – A panel discussion between Guy Dillela, Deepak Mangla, Anand Shankar 

Look forward to a flurry of blog posts 🙂

And if you’re going to be there – would love to meet up 🙂

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