Gobble Gobble

It’s Wednesday and if you have tomorrow off you’re probably focused on several things, which can include…

  • holiday parties,
  • wrapping up loose ends at work so you can begin to get ready for said parties, 
  • catching up on sleep, or
  • drinking lots of egg nog (Yum!).

Rather than bore you with a blog post about Human Resources and the like I’ll let you focus on what’s important at this time. To help you along I put together a Thanksgiving music mix. In keeping with Thanksgiving tradition, food and celebration are the central themes. It also has James Brown and Arlo Guthrie, so what’s not to like?

Here’s a taste (pun intended) below:

You can listen to the rest of the mix here.
For those here in the United States, I hope your Thanksgiving is all that you need it to be. For those elsewhere, I wish the same. And regardless of where you are, be safe!

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