Goal Setting is Below Us. We Need Higher Level Leadership Training

Higher-Level-Leadership Training what does that mean? Is it a Manager’s ego that certain basic Managerial Leadership Skills are below them? Below is a piece of a conversation I had with a manager about goal-setting and Higher Level Leadership.

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Jeff: Mike we don’t need basic management materials here, what we need is Higher Level Leadership.

Me: Higher level leadership, I understand are you alright with in this first meeting indulging me with a talk about Goal-Setting?

Jeff: Sure, but like I’ve that’s not our problem. Goal setting is too basic we need higher-level leadership training.

Me: I understand…Have you read the field assignment about Goal-Setting & Time Span?

Jeff: I found it very useful and frustrating.

Me: Useful and Frustrating, What was useful?

Jeff: In my 20+ years of being a manager I have sat through and read so much bullshit on goal setting. This was useful, the time-frames and setting the goals to match allow me to delegate and check peoples work.

Me: What was frustrating?

Jeff: My boss! This company does NOTHING with goal-setting and for years I have been doing what I thought was right, then when performance reviews happen I get my head beat in. Some things were right some wrong. I had no idea how I was being evaluated. It’s frustrating, you know?

Me: WOW…your boss sets no goals for your work?

Jeff: Yes! 

Me: If I was to ask one of your staff about you and goal setting for their work how would their response differ from what you just shared with me?

Jeff: (after a long pause) Ahhhhh…it would be similar.

Me: What can we do to make your department and team better?

Jeff: Set-Goals that they can understand, achieve ‘what-by-when’ like in the field assignment. I really like that QQT/R. Plus work with them to supply the resources that can get the work done.

Me:  Let’s review your field assignment and strengthen the goals for your staff and for yourself.

Jeff: Yes that’s what I’m talking about – Higher Level Leadership.


I am not sure what exactly “Higher-Level Leadership” is. Any content, process and coaching is going to be as high-a-level as the person/people who are using the content, process and coaching. Like the discussion above setting goals will change according to who is setting them and what goals you choose to keep (the ones with a longer time-frame and therefore more complex) and what you choose to delegate (the ones that have a shorter time-frame and the complexity of the task is equal to the person being delegated too).

ANY work will rise to level of competence of the person who is handling it. The level of usage changes according to the level within the Hierarchy PLUS the persons current ability to handle the complexity of the work.


Now Your Turn;

How do you define ‘Higher-Level-Leadership’? In what ways would you have handled this discussion the same / different? Team Building and leadership


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