Globoforce Honored as Top Place to Work by Darcy Jacobsen

We received word here on Friday that Globoforce has been named the Top Place to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe for the Small Company Category. That makes it one of four companies to receive top marks, out of the 1,586 employers asked to participate in the survey. Needless to say, this is news we’re pretty proud of.

The Top Places to Work evaluated companies based on surveys to employees that measured six factors:

  • Direction
  • Execution
  • Connection
  • My managers
  • My work
  • My pay and benefits.


Private companies, nonprofits and publicly-held businesses were included in the analysis. According to the article, which ran on Sunday in a special pull-out section of the Globe:

For a company in the business of employee appreciation, Globoforce does indeed practice what it preaches: It is the number one small business in this year’s Top Places to Work. Appropriately enough, Globoforce scored especially well in making employees feel appreciated and in making them feel part of something meaningful.

Not surprisingly, the article also highlighted the strategic recognition program we have here at Globoforce—as one of our sales reps here likes to say: “At Globoforce, we eat our own caviar.”

Because company culture and employee satisfaction and engagement are so important to our mission here at Globoforce, this award is especially meaningful for us. “At Globoforce, we help companies around the world build and sustain a culture of recognition,” said our CEO, Eric Mosley. “We’re truly honored to be recognized for the very thing that makes us successful: engaging employees and creating a workplace of positivity. We thank The Boston Globe for this prestigious award and dedicate it to our employees.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that the recognition platform we use here is the very same one that we provide for companies around the globe. It’s the technological infrastructure that underpins the culture of recognition we’ve created at our organization—and you can create at yours.

In addition to the special segment, we were included in this online slideshow on the Globe’s website:, and in the video below about the Top Places to Work featured on the New England Cable News (NECN) Network. (The section on Globoforce begins around the 3:47 mark.)


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