Global Leadership & Technology Exchange

GLTE is a consortium of some of the world’s leading businesses from a range of industries – including oil and gas, car manufacturing, shipping, financial services and IT. GLTE partners work together to transform thinking about the climate challenge into low-carbon innovation and growth.

GLTE members span three continents and include Acergy, Det Norske Veritas, Deutsche Bank, Gazprom, General Motors, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Siemens, StatoilHydro, TATA Consulting Services, TATA and Sons, Unilever, Wilh. Wilhelmsen, World Trade Centers Association and Yara.

GLTE members meet twice a year at an “intercompany exchange” organised by Xyntéo. The most recent was held in Berlin in June 2009, in partnership with Deutsche Bank. Click here for the summary note and speaker presentations

GLTE Washington DC
The next GLTE will be staged in November in Washington. A key focus will be the interplay between business and government – focusing on what comes naturally from holding the event in a world capital. We will explore not only what domestic government needs to do to decarbonise growth but also what steps our global institutions need to take to support the low-carbon transition. We will also challenge participants to rethink what it will really take to achieve sustainable consumption and production.


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