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Christmas is just around the corner. Chances are you are in the middle of your Holiday shopping. Perhaps it’s quite easy to find gifts for family friends and close friends because we’re familiar of their likes and dislikes. But for everyone else, have you decided what to give?

If you let me decide, here’s the list of items that I suggest and their short descriptions:


GetItDoneGuys9Steps 108x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleGet It Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More (Quick & Dirty Tips)

Do you want to deep-dive in your Productivity Life? Here’s a book that will guide you through in that quest.  If your job demands fast results and you cannot live up to that expectation because of distractions or, worse, you’re losing interest in achieving it, then maybe it’s time for you to pause and reconsider your goals and purpose. This book does not only give you tips and tricks to handle your day-to-day tasks but will also you how to attain long-term productivity goals at work and life in general. If you haven’t heard about “Life Map” yet, you must read this book.

TheInstatProductivityToolkit 118x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleThe Instant Productivity Toolkit: 21 Simple Ways To Get More Out Of Your Job, Yourself and Your Life

Wondering how to build your own work productivity system at the office and you don’t have any idea where to begin? Maybe you’ve been struggling to clear your desk of papers and unfinished tasks. Or still struggling how to handle your e-mails and you’ve long given up on the reality of “inbox zero”? If your job involves paper-trails and complicated workflows and you cannot seem to strike the balance between your life and work, you might just need to read this book. The “7 Terminals” will help you conquer your daily workflows seamlessly. You’ll realize that a “Clear 180″ can help you clear your mind of worries. If pending jobs get in the way of your active productivity, “Turtle” will handle that. Read the book to discover more.

GettingThingsDone 100x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleGetting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

I have mentioned this book a lot in this blog. If you haven’t read this book or haven’t heard about it before and you claim that you know “productivity”, you’re lying. Every productivity-conscious guy or girl has come across this book in one way or another – read the book itself or read about the book, heard about the book, or seen someone  talk about the book and its many benefits. If you heard the phrase “GTD System” or “Getting Things Done” from someone, chances are he’s referring to this book or its author, David Allen. The main principle behind the book is to show you how to eliminate stress or minimize it at least for you to become productive. I described this book in my “The Habit Of Getting Things Done” post.

The8020Principle ParetoPrinciple 104x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleThe 80/20 Principle: The Secret To Achieving More With Less

Haven’t you been noticing that 80 percent of your daily output or production can be attributed to the 20 percent of your daily input or effort? If you know how to hack the formula, you can actually take advantage of this principle to your effort. That means you can maximize your productivity with minimal effort. A single effort can yield four-fold results. I gave some ideas on how to take advantage of this principle in one of my posts. The idea here is not to cheat your way around your work productivity but to yield more productivity with the least effort exerted. You might be surprised to learn that you can easily eliminate 80 percent of your distractions by simply eliminating 20 percent of what you think is causing these distractions.

TheNowHabit 107x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleThe Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play

We all procrastinated at one time or another. Procrastination is wrong when you procrastinate with the wrong reasons. There is one solution to that: do it now. But we all know so well that “doing it now” is easier said than done when faced with the temptation of procrastination. “Doing it now” mentality does not work all the time. The Now Habit book helps you build a strategy. Yes, that how serious procrastination is – you need some kind of strategy to cull it out of your system. But beware if you are on the “to-do list” bandwagon. It might have to take that away from you. But the book promises not to turn your life upside-down. The strategy suggested in this book will not have you change your life radically. It may change some of your customs or rituals but it won’t get in your way. The best thing about this book is it drags you back to the very source of what’s making you procrastinate when you’re not suppose to. It drags you back to your motivation why you procrastinate. Read this book.

Everyday Carry

Inspired by, I begun carrying my EDC. The following two items are now part of my EDC.

SOGFlashII 150x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleSpecialty Knives & Tools TFSA-98 Flash II 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi

I find this folding knife to be very versatile. From opening of mails and packages to any kind of work that needs some cutting, this is the perfect knife. The size of this knife is just right – not too small and not too big. I believe it is safe to carry in most places. It has a cool clip that helps its appearance to become discreet when carried in the pocket (so you eliminate the unnecessary intimidation). This is perfect gift for your male buddies or family members. A smaller version of this folding knife is available if you prefer a smaller size.

StreamlightStylusPro 150x148 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleStreamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight with Holster

Pocket flashlight is an essential part of any EDC. Your EDC set is not complete without a flashlight. I find my flashlight useful at times – like tinkering with your computer hardware, unlit parking lots, etc. What I particularly like about this flashlight is its quality. The body of the flashlight is made out of aircraft metal. The LED light lasts 7.5 hours with 2 AAA batteries. It only weighs 1.6 ounces and just about the size of a permanent marker, plus it also has a clip for your pocket. You just don’t know when you need to have a flashlight.

Misc Gift Ideas

MolsekinePocketNotebook 150x150 Gift Ideas For Productivity Conscious PeopleMoleskine Pocket Notebook

I always have with me my Moleskine Pocket Notebook wherever I go. I have a smart phone but I think I still need an analog capture tool. My idea might just become the next big thing, so I need to capture that somewhere safe. And I think the right place to capture my important ideas is in a premier notebook like the Moleskine. The pocket size perfectly fits my needs. The Quiver pen holder perfectly complements my Moleskine pocket notebook.

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