Getting Work Done Outside the Office

time managementSmall business owners may feel as if they can’t slow down or stop work, between their time in the office and work-related events. But with smartphones, applications designed specifically for business owners and managers, and other emerging technology, it’s easier now to telecommute or work from anywhere. Here are some great ways to evaluate which business tasks you can complete outside the office.

Find out where the time goes. List all the tasks you do in a month and the programs you use to complete the work. Anything taking time should go on the list, including sales meetings, industry research, and social media activities. Whether it is a two-minute task or a two-hour meeting, knowing where your time goes  — and in what increments — will help you develop a strong mobile strategy. (And you may be surprised to find out how much time you’re actually spending on Twitter.)

Take stock of what you have. Evaluate applications that you already use in your office. Then research new mobile and cloud alternatives that will allow you to work from anywhere, and let you touch base with the office while staying home with a sick child. For example, if you currently can only run payroll from your office computer that has the payroll software, consider moving to cloud-based payroll software that lets you run payroll wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Investigate smarter social media practices. If your job is to consistently share information using social media, consider applications that simultaneously share posts to social platforms, all with the click of a button on your smartphone or tablet.  

Consider changing your reading habits. If you are often staying in the office to read industry blog posts or publications, consider downloading applications and e-readers that stream your blog feed to your mobile phone. You can still catch up on business reading, but you don’t have to sit at your office desk to do it. Instead, you can take two minutes to read a blog post while waiting in line to pay for groceries.

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