Getting to the Truth

Do you know what the people you lead and support want?

Seriously, do you ?

1. The truth – They are big enough, they are smart enough and they are competent enough to handle it.

2.  Skills – Skills that will elevate them in their career.

3. Clarity – Clarity about how if they apply the skills appropriately they can advance in the organization.

4. Accountability – They want to know how the company and their direct supervisor is going to separate, recognize and reward those who do from those who don’t.

Do you and your organization want your associates, your team members, the people in your business to take care of your customers like you would if you were there?

If you want this outcome, you better figure out a way to make them feel like they are trusted to take care of every customer who comes into your place of business like they were your long lost friend you rediscovered.

When you can create a culture where every interaction is like rediscovering a long lost friend, and every interaction is an opportunity to create delight, you know you are doing the right thing to motivate your people.

That is the truth !

Getting to the Truth

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