Getting Things Done Without Ordering People Around

When I visit a restaurant and pick up a dirty, sticky menu, I
can’t help but think, “Does nobody care around here?!!”

Then I remember that these little things are often influenced by culture, not rulebooks. And culture
is a tricky animal.

About as tricky as this one: Organizational culture animal

How can you communicate to your team that
[fill-in-the-blank] is important without creating tons of new
rules, performance logs and performance metrics (that can take up a
lot of your time…)?

Here are nine ideas to getting things done without
ordering or otherwise using up leverage. Some might not fit your style – that’s


● Provide training, show how
different parts of the business are interconnected, offer career development

● Give employees a
chance to show that they are autonomous and accountable, strive to balance job
skills and challenges.

● Verbally recognize what a
difference they make.


● Respect
other people’s time and contributions, don’t pretend to be listening when you
are not.

● Establish credibility by honoring
your word, being yourself, and admitting when you’re wrong or don’t know

● Communicate expectations, be


● Put team goals first and support
your team to succeed.

● Encourage time
to reflect and to build a life away from work.

● Connect employees and customers (and
yourself) to a higher purpose.

What else can a manager do to communicate importance? What
fits your style?

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