Getting Started with The WordPress Thesis Theme

Getting Started With WordPress Thesis Theme

In May 2009, I bought a domain name, hosting and decided to start blogging using WordPress.  Armed with no coding knowledge, I bought the Thesis Theme to customize my blog.  This post is meant to help those who are new to the Thesis Theme.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Step 1.  Follow the Thesis Theme Users Guide

When I buy a product, my natural inclination is to read a manual or guide on how-to use the product purchased.  Yes, the Thesis Theme comes with a 6-Step User’s Guide, SO READ IT!

Step 2. Leverage the Thesis Theme Support Forum

If you are like me, you may be worried about editing your blog for fear of actually BREAKING it.  Fear Not.  The Thesis Theme comes equip with a customer support forum managed actively by a few Thesis Theme Experts.  The Thesis Theme community is growing each and every day and I can happily say that members of the Thesis Theme community are willing to help with just about any question/issue.  The Support Forum has a section of Resources and Tutorials (written and video) where most beginner questions can be answered.  Read and Watch these Tutorials before asking a Thesis Expert for help.

Step 3.  Connect with the Thesis Theme Community on Twitter by using (#ThesisWP) in your Tweets

There are many active Thesis Theme bloggers on Twitter that use the hashtag ThesisWP (#thesiswp) in their tweets.  Interacting with the Thesis Theme Community on Twitter is just that simple.  Tweet anything with #thesiswp in the tweet, and there will likely be a response in a very short period of time.  Don’t be “that guy” that spams the #thesiswp community.  Just because you know there is a way to get support and connect with the Thesis Theme community on Twitter, doesn’t mean that you should be spamming #thesiswp.

Step 4.  Follow These Thesis Theme Experts on Twitter

  1. @PearsonifiedChris Pearson – Co-founder of the Thesis Theme, coding-jhetti, and a very dangerous scrabble player.

  2. @CopybloggerBrian Clark – Co-Founder of the Thesis Theme, Teaching Sells, and Lateral Action.  Brian is a Blogging and Copywriting Expert.

  3. @godhammerGodhammer is active in the Thesis Theme Support Forum, problem solver, and all around excellent resource.

  4. @girliegeekGirlieGeek is an active Thesis Theme Support Forum moderator, and responds quickly to questions in the forum.

  5. @Matt425Matt Langford is a Thesis Theme Expert.  Matt has a tech blog where he has many helpful Thesis Theme Tutorials and resources.  Bookmark his blog if you are serious about Thesis. Period.

  6. @GregRickabyGreg Rickaby is a Certified Thesis Designer and WordPress Expert.  He is the creator of “The Times” Premium Thesis Skin.  If you want a NewsPaper layout for your blog, buy The Times!

  7. @matthodderMatt Hodder is a freelance web designer, Thesis Theme Skin creator.  Download his Thesis Theme Skins at

  8. @mattonomics: Matt Gross is the creator of, one of my favorites Thesis Resources.  Matt has many thesis Video tutorials and created his own Thesis Skin!

  9. @kingdomgeek: He created the Thesis Openhook Plugin to save each and every Thesis Theme user time and effort customizing the aesthetic look and feel of your website/blog.

  10. @howtomakemyblog: Marco Saric is the creator of the ever popular and thesis expert!

If you don’t have the WordPress Thesis Theme yet, then stop what you are doing and get The Thesis Theme for WordPress!

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