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I tried to use the “Meet and Seat” social media feature on a KLM flight this week.  I was very excited over a silly thing, since they just opened it up to most US connected flights this week.

It didn’t work.

I posted a query on Facebook to KLM.   A nice guy named Rick responded a couple of days ago, but it still wouldn’t work.  Rick asked me to take a screenshot and sent my issue on to KLM tech support.   He just sent me this follow-up on Facebook.

We received an update from the technical department and they informed us that the problem is caused by the fact that the check-in was activated. It is not possible to show the seatmap and select a seat in “Manage My Booking” when the check-in is opened.

They will request not to show the Meet & Seat banner when the selection is not possible in “Manage My Booking”.

Thank you for your interest in this new feature “Meet & Seat”. We really appreciate that you bring this to our attention.

Kind regards,
KLM Facebook Team

I sent a tweet question to @DeltaAssist this morning. I’m still waiting to hear from them on  why they won;t let me spend more money with them.

Glad I could help you solve  a problem, KLM.  Still bummed it didn’t work.

I’m going on vacation now.  Bye!


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