Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Image: Bed bugsUnless you act fast, bed bugs can quickly spread to other parts of your house. An adult female lays up to five eggs per day. In its lifetime, it can lay an upwards of 500 eggs. Bed bugs can also survive without food. They can remain alive for a year without sucking blood. Under suitable conditions, they live up to 300 days. Bed bugs do not have wings, meaning that they cannot fly. However, their feet are adapted for crawling. The insects can move very fast from one room to the next.  They usually come out at night.


The following methods will either keep bugs at bay or eliminate them:


Bed bug exterminators


The most effective way of dealing with these bugs is by hiring a commercial pest control Modesto exterminator. This can be an individual or a firm staffed by experienced bug and vermin control experts. They also carry out inspections upon request. If they confirm that there are bed bugs in your home, they will move to the extermination phase. Before hiring such a firm, it is advisable to request for several quotes from different providers of pest control services. Compare the prices and hire the provider you can afford.


Precautions at home


It is always prudent to remain vigilant for any pest attacks in the home. Since bed bugs prefer hiding in cracks on the walls, furniture, bed frames and beddings, always ensure you make it hard for them to thrive. Seal all cracks anywhere on the walls and floors. Repaint the sealed cracks at once. You should form a habit of cleaning your house regularly and vacuuming it. Put your mattresses and bed lined out in the sun whenever you can. Buy mattress covers that have a zip. This will help keep out bed bugs. On the other hand, remove litter from within and outside the house.


Travelling precautions


Surprisingly, most instances of bed bugs attacks come from hotels you visited while on tour. As you lay your suitcase on the floor, the bugs silently find their way into your luggage. Without your knowledge, you innocently carry them home. Check your hotel bed and beddings for signs of bed bugs. You can also confirm with the hotel beforehand on whether they disinfect their rooms.  This simple precaution will help keep the bugs at bay. When you get back home, remove your items and put them in the drier for about 30 minutes. Do not mix them with other items until you are done with the drier treatment.


Buying used furniture


Bed bugs hide in such furniture. As a safety measure, let a pest control person disinfect such furniture before you take them indoors. This will eliminate any bugs that may have been hiding in the joints or beneath the upholstery.

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